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  • "I have had a very positive experience here. Dr Brown is not only good at what he does (no matter how much pain I am in I have always left feeling great) but he has a good sense of humor and always manages to put me at ease. I would highly recommend this place for anyone in need of chiropractic services."
    Ian Bragan
  • "Great job on my aching back by Dr. Brown. He and his staff are great! Don't go anywhere else."
    Steven Vale
  • "This is truly the best place to go for chiropractic care!"
    Christa Merritt
  • "Been going to him since ‘97! Great doctor and staff! They always work to fit you in."
    Amy Zelinski
  • "I have a lot of lower back pain. I have had previous surgery on it. Dr. Brown is amazing. He has really helped me with the pain. My first visit I was in pain and stopped to make an appointment. He saw me immediately. I live 25 minutes away and travel there because of the wonderful and caring care. I would recommend Dr. Brown to family and friends."
    Maryaan Batzel
  • "Dr.Brown is amazing. He has helped me many times. In my book he is the best."
    Suzzanne Pierson
  • "I'm a retired Chiropractor and I chose this Dr based on reputation. I'm still his patient because he's excellent."
    Steve Scully
  • "Went here here while I was 9 months pregnant and he did an amazing job!!"
    Octavia Boone
  • "Dr. Brown and Elaine are very professional, upbeat, Customer-driven team! Thank you for your services!"
    Paul DeAntona
  • "Friendliest place I have been to! The Doc and staff are very caring and work with you. I really appreciated times where I had a flat tire or just couldn’t make an appointment, and they were able to reschedule me around my schedule in a really polite manner. It’s a comfortable place to go! Much thanks to Brown Chiropractic!"
    BigBoy Zhenok

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