Auto Accidents:
Brown Chiropractic accepts all auto insurance and provides care for individuals injured in auto accidents without any out-of-pocket expense. We work closely with your attorney when requested.

Worker's Compensation:
Brown Chiropractic accepts worker's compensation insurance and we are a panel physician for many local businesses. PA state law allows for an injured worker to choose their preferred provider from a list of worker's comp panel physicians posted by your employer. It is unlawful for your employer to mandate your choice of physician. Additionally, if we are not on your panel and your injury is over 90 days old, you are welcome as a patient with or without referral.

Personal Injury:
Brown Chiropractic accepts personal injury insurance for patients injured through negligence, slips and falls, or accidents that are not the fault of the injured. We work closely with your legal representative when requested.

Just as we are committed to providing quality chiropractic care, we are concerned about keeping our fees affordable. We do not require a referral and are participating providers for Medicare, Highmark, First Priority Life Insurance, First Priority Health, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Geisinger (with ASHN), Geisinger Gold, Spectrum Administrators and Aetna, among others. We accept assignment on these and most major medical policies and do all the insurance work for you. We gladly accept personal injury auto accident and worker’s compensation claims. If necessary, we can make arrangements for a payment plan to help fit your budget.


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